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AS I HAVE ISSUES DEALING WITH SOME OF PEOPLE WHO CANNOT COMPLY WITH THE RULES, I WILL BE ISSUING WARNINGS AND SEND WARNINGS TO PEOPLE ON REASONS THAT SUBMISSIONS MAY BE DECLINED. Please be patient as I also review your literature, I have no control to extend your duration of how long the submission lasts, but I am not a robot that can review everything before I hit a button.

Western fanart, anime, video game fanart, fan fiction, and eastern artwork IS NOT PERMITTED TO BE SUBMITTED INTO THIS GROUP. The definition of fanart should be simple for everyone to know:

Art of any form, usually electronic or drawn free hand, that uses characters or settings from a popular television show, novel, cartoon, anime, or movie as the subject.

Western artwork, such as Undertale, Five Nights at Freddys, and other western content should not be posted here, this includes television shows made in North America. Fanart content made in Europe or Japan is considered eastern, with the exception of Hetalia, which can be considered Western to some.

Video game vore artwork should be posted into other seperate groups that may be affiliated with us, we have no control over their policies, and we do not permit monsters from video games into our group nor do we permit vore of video game characters (Kirby, Yoshi, Reptile from Mortal Kombat, etc) submissions involved.

Cartoon shows for kids or adults (South Park, Ben 10, etc) is not at all permitted here. If it is from a cartoon or show that is either Eastern or Western, you are NOT to submit it into this group. This also includes movies from
anywhere, if we are familiar and know about it, whether it has vore in it or not, we will decline it.

All vore artwork submissions MUST comply to the following main rules, and we reserve the right to copy and paste these rules to you, this also applies to literature submissions as well, which can take longer to be reviewed:

1. Vore artwork subject to review is deemed under a category of thought, if the artwork is explicit in rating, you are required to put a mature content filter on it if the artwork is explicit, but I do not require that the rating be strict, you can make it moderate or strict. If your artwork is questionable to whether it may be
explicit or not, the user may be requested to add a mature content filter to their artwork for submission.

NOTE FOR RULE ONE: Literature and artwork that is deemed worksafe does not require a mature content filter, it is optional.

2. Vore involving the rectum area, Vore involving the vaginal area, and vore involving the genitalia area will be automatically declined, even if it meets the other requirements, this is deviantart policy, and we cannot override their rules. If you don't like this policy, I suggest you register for Eka's portal or another website that allows explicit content vore (Sankaku Complex, post your submissions on 4chan, etc).

3. Artwork submitted to the group is subject to review. All artwork should be of high quality in full color, whether it be in monochromatic black and white, made with colored pencils, photoshop, paint tool sai, etc
is required. Sketches or unfinished drawings in sketch or line form will not be accepted. The quality of submissions matter to the group.

4. This group is NOT FOR FANART. Western and Eastern fanart is not permitted for submission. Anime (Fullmetal Alchemist, Kill la Kill, Attack on Titan, etc), novels, comic books that are made by a company (Nintendo for example) are not permitted. The origin of the artwork (Western or Eastern) is searched for. If you want to submit fanart or fan fiction, please search for a vore group affiliated with us or search in deviantart's group list for a group that accepts fanart and fan fiction. This group FORBIDS the submission of fanart.
No official fanart can be accepted (Western or not), this is the policy the founder and other co founders wanted to implement, so please do not send any official artwork in the group (Pokemon, My little pony, Kid Icarus, etc).

The biggest reason most artwork gets decline is this:

ALL ARTWORK MUST BE IN FULL COLOR (SHADED OR FLAT IS ACCEPTABLE). The only exception that the founder has permitted towards this rule is MONOCHROMATIC painting in black and white form, something like this for example:…
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Group Info

Vore Monsters is a group especially designed for the hungry original creatures, or tasty original preys that artists create. Any other non-vore related original preds or prey is welcome, but they MAY get eaten.
Please note: Photos and photo-manipulations aren't allowed.
Founded 7 Years ago
Jan 3, 2010


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dragon808tr Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2015
Hey everyone! I am so bored right now and I am looking for new friends and vore Rp Partners. 

Requirements: Good English, no one word replies (try to have a few lines or longer), decent reply time. 

I really enjoy: Vore, shrinking, digestion (I would be willing to do implied digestion, but I enjoy digestion very much), size difference in pred/prey, burping, farting, scat/disposal, pre vore teasing, vore games. (Either willing or unwilling. I do most creatures.)

I dont do: Most Same size vore, unrealistic vore, safe vore (the one where it is like a hug)

Preferred methods of Rp: Notes, Email, Steam, Skype. (Ask me for contact info)

I love talking about anything and love to Rp, so please send me a note or contact me! 
White-Wyvern-Realms Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2017  New Deviant Student Writer
Mind if we do a vore roleplay?
MetaEevee Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2016  Student Writer
Can we do a rp
dragon808tr Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2015
Anyone up for an Rp? I can be prey. 
Radagast868 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for accepting my request! I will actually be uploading a deliciously-written vore story shortly, which I shall promptly submit to your gallery!
iedasb Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
DefEATING him by iedasb Please submit this picture to the group :)
NovaSword Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry if I interupt but this group is for monsters...see rule:
Remember it's called Vore MONSTERS, meaning a focus on the strange creatures of monsters that pred on people.
iedasb Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry then :)
yummyyoungnorski Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014
Anyone here in to dominant older women as preds?
yummyyoungnorski Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014
I just sent in the story with my most impressive pred character, the magical and essentially immortal Duchess of Burgundy, who using powerful magic steals youth from the men she brutally devours, consuming even their soul for magic force. As such, she looks 35 (and at the end of the story, younger than that) even though she was born in the 15th century.
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